District Procedures and References

Folder Fiscal Procedures (11 Files)
Download Procedures Affecting Allowability of Costs
Download Selecting Items to be Included in Federal Grant Budgets
Download Procedures for Identification of Accounts for Federal Awards
Download Federal Project Uniform Sub-Fund Numbers
Download Procedures for Reviewing and Approving the Federal Budget
Download Procedures for Initiating Purchases
Download Procurement Procedures
Download Cash Management Requirements
Download Budget Amendments
Download Reimbursement Procedures
Download Procedures for Reconciliation and Closeout of Federal Funds
Folder Administrative Procedures (11 Files)
Download Procedures for Seeking Bids and Quotations
Download Authority to Enter Into Contracts
Download Procedures Used Before Receiving the Grant Award Letter
Download Procedures to be Followed After Receiving a Federal Grant Award Letter
Download Procedures for the Use of Purchase Cards
Download Procedures for Equipment Control
Download Inventory Procedures
Download Disposition of Equipment with a Value in Excess of $5,000
Download Time and Effort Procedures
Download Procedures for Collection and Transmission of Records
Download Procedures for Resolving Protests and Disputes
Folder Food Service Procedures (1 Files)
Download School Nutrition Procurement Plan
Folder District Travel Regulations (1 Files)
Download District Travel Regulations
Folder Reporting Forms (2 Files)
Download Personnel Activity Report Example
Download Semi-Annual Certification Example
Folder Tennessee Code Annotated References (4 Files)
Download TCA 10-7-404 Destruction of Public Records
Download TCA 12-2-403(a)(1)-(4) Methods of Disposal of Public Records
Download TCA 49-6-2006 Powers of School Boards to Buy or Sell Property
Download TCA 49-6-2007 Sale or Transfer of Surplus Property