Huntingdon Special School District will be issuing Chromebooks (laptops) to all students in grades 3-12 for the 2016-2017 school year. This is the reason for the title 1:1 Initiative or one Chromebook for each student. Meetings will be held for parents of students in grades 3-12. Information for those meetings is listed below:

  When:  August 8th & 9th, 2016

 Time:  6:00 p.m. Each Evening


        Huntingdon Primary School Gym:  986-3091

        Huntingdon Middle School Gym:  986-4544

        Huntingdon High School Gym:  986-8223


Purpose of Meeting:

        1. Introduce the initiative to parents and explain the procedures for the issuing of the Chromebooks.

        2. Explain to parents the purpose of Chromebooks and how they will be used for instruction.

        3. Explain to parents what the expectations are for the care and use of the Chromebooks.

        4. At least one parent will sign a “Computer Use Agreement” stating they understand what is expected of their child as far as the use of the Chromebook and use of the district Internet network.


 *Before a Chromebook is issued to a student, at least one parent must attend, and sign in to indicate they have attended, a parent meeting.

 **If a parent has more than one child in multiple buildings, they only have to attend one meeting in one of the schools. All meetings will cover the same information.

 ***The meetings on August 8th and 9th will be identical in nature. Parents are only required to attend one meeting.