Huntingdon Special School District was recently named a 2016 American Farmers Grow Rural Education Award Winner presented by the Monsanto Fund. This award is presented annually to school districts across the country, and Huntingdon was one of three school districts in Tennessee to win the award.To be eligible for the award, a district must be in a rural area and be nominated by at least one farmer in the local community. Our school district was honored to be nominated by 45 farmers from our area. The award is for $10,000 and will be used in the area of science and greenhouse management to include aquaponics and plant development. There will be an official presentation ceremony in the near future to commemorate the occasion. Details will be provided here prior to the ceremony. A very special Thank You to the Monsanto Fund for providing the award. Also, Thank You to our local farmers who, without their interest and kindness, this award would not have been possible. Farming certainly is a way of life in Huntingdon and Carroll County.