Huntingdon Pre-K and Head Start

Program Overview

The Huntingdon Special School District participates in the Voluntary Pre-K Program in a collaboration with Huntingdon Head Start.  This program serves at-risk children who are age four by August 15 of the current school year.  The program consist of three classrooms, one classroom is located at Huntingdon Primary School and two classrooms are located at Huntingdon Head Start.  Three classrooms allows for the enrollment of a maximum of 60 students.  Enrollment and registration is conducted at the Huntingdon Head Start location: 13310 Paris Street, Huntingdon.  Income eligible students and those with at-risk factors are given enrollment priority.

The pre-k program provides a six (6) hour day and follows the schedule of the Huntingdon Special School District attendance dates.  This program meets the guidelines of Child Care Standards of Tennessee as regulated by the Tennessee Department of Education.  Parent participation and involvement is highly encouraged.

For further information contact Angie Bunn at 731-986-2222